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DRC-6022-QT Antrim Western Star

Thanks to Glenview Iron & Metal Ltd for their acquisition of a new Chagnon Roll-off system.

12-05-2022    Read more here

03-03-2022    Read more here

Trailer Roll-off B-train

Thank you to Clean Harbors for their acquisition of a B-train Roll-off trailer.

02-03-2022    Read more here

Wasteco Chagnon 29 cubic yard Sprinter rear loader and top mounted crane inground containers

Great looking unit for Wasteco.

Our CHAGNON 29 cubic yard Sprinter rear loader with top mounted crane for inground containers.

04-02-2022    Read more here

On its way to Winnipeg, GFL environmental DRC-6026-OR, 60 000 lbs. capacity

????♻️On its way to Winnipeg, GFL environmental adds another CHAGNON Roll-Off system to…

13-01-2022    Read more here

Happy Holiday 2022 !

????????????May this new year bring success and…

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CHAGNON SPR-29 rear loading 29 cubic yard capacity sprinter model

A CHAGNON SPR-29 rear loading, 29 cubic yard capacity, sprinter model, with handling crane and hopper for loading semi-buried containers is on its way, to…

23-12-2021    Read more here

CHAGNON DRC-6026-TS for GFL ENVIRONMENTAL INC.'s Northern Ontario division.

Thank you to our team for making this beautiful CHAGNON DRC-6026-TS, top skid model 26’ Roll-off 60,000 lb capacity cable lift system, for GFL ENVIRONMENTAL…

14-12-2021    Read more here

Durabac offered LUNCH to all its employees

????????????This Thursday, December 2nd, as planned, Durabac…

14-12-2021    Read more here

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